Decoding the Coding Interviews


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Decoding the Coding Interviews
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I've taken 300+ Interviews till now across multiple companies across multiple levels, One of the most frequent questions I get is how are we assessed during Coding Interviews or How do we asses a candidate during an Interview.

Is it as Black or White as it seems to be?
Is it just about solving the question?

So it's not as simple as it seems to be and one is assessed on Multiple aspects, I've tried to put up an exhaustive list of points on which a candidate needs to be assessed, what are the expectations in this area and what is its Importance in Real Life

I've broken down an Interview of 60 minutes where a single question is asked into 4 windows :
- Start of the Interview [ 0-10 minutes ]
- Discussion around approach candidate is coming up with [ 10-20 minutes ]
- Candidate Starts Writing the Code[ 20-45 minutes ]
- Candidate is done with writing Code, Review and feedback points accommodation [ 45-60 minutes ]

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