Eye Power Detection by just using Web Camera

Eye Power Detection by just using Web Camera

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Calculate Power of Lens required for correct vision using Laptop/ Smartphone without any external help or Machine

I named the Product Eye Assist

How to use Eye Assist?

  • Look towards the camera of the Laptop/Mobile
  • Read the text being shown on Instructions Page
  • Move away from Camera until you can read the text carefully
  • Stabilize at that Position
  • Voila it’s done

How does it look like?

How does it work ?

  • A Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) trained on i-Bug 300-W facial Landmarks dataset to get Facial Landmark co-ordinate points on Face.
  • Co-ordinates of points representing both eyes are calculated.
  • From which Cornea to Cornea distance is calculated.
  • Another Pre-Aligned model Calculates distance of eye from Camera at which the person can see clearly.
  • Now Depth perception(that too from a Single Camera) is used to Calculate power of Lens the person require.
  • 3D — Facial construction is done using Position Map Regression Networks

How does it help ?

  • Makes use of Auto-refractometer and Snell’s test redundant
  • Ease of performing the test
  • 3D- face model can be used for AR- based applications like trying Spectacles at home at much better measurements and higher accuracy
  • E-commerce sites like Lenskart can integrate it with AR service and directly deliver the spectacles
  • Free of Cost
  • No internet dependency
  • 3D facial reconstruction can be used to construct images of Criminals and it can be known how they actually look and many permutations of how they would look with different facial aspects like moustache, beard and long hairs, etc.
  • Prediction of facial paralysis